Why your pup deserves an adventure photoshoot

– June 14, 2020 –

It’s that time of the year when people and their pups start emerging from their seasonal hibernation. Snow has melted and makes roads and trails more accessible. The weather is warming up to a point where you don’t have to don layers to stay warm. And who isn’t ready to get outside already?

Emerging from seasonal hibernation is synonymous with going out on adventures, so now is a good time to consider booking an adventure photoshoot. You might ask yourself why now? We say, “Why not?”

Here are three reasons your pup deserves an adventure photoshoot.

Your pup deserves time to explore outdoors

If you and your pup are among the winter warriors that go on adventures regardless of the conditions, good for you! But for the many that keep closer to home because they lack a capable winter vehicle or snowshoes/spikes, these are the days you’re looking forward to. But even as things started to warm up this year, COVID-19 kept most of us indoors for the most part. That means a lot of people have been cooped up for more time than they like and are itching to get out.

Because of that, you and your pup deserve some time to explore the outdoors. This has all sorts of benefits for both of you, but I feel like it’s especially important for your pup. Because they don’t understand the reason you have been staying home, they are probably like my pups and wondering when their next adventure will be. Dogs get restless too, you know.

Smells around your usual walking routes and dog parks will be very familiar, so why not treat them to something new? Just like how people can get bored with the same old things, the same applies to your dog. If they are like mine, they’ll be super excited for a car ride that ends up at a trailhead. What dog wouldn’t get excited for brand new smells and new territory to explore? Even if it’s a trail you have visited before, it is far more exciting than the usual stroll around the block.

Not only is it exciting for them to get out again, it’s also an exciting time for you and your pup to have more quality time together outside of your home. As your best friend, your pup wants to go on an adventure and share exciting times with you. Just think about how content your pup will be at the end of a hike – laying down to rest and panting with their tongue hanging out and a big doggy smile on their face. They’re content, and you brought that to them. Is there a better ending to a story than that?

Your pup deserves to tell its own story

Speaking of stories, what do you have of your pup that tells theirs? A lot of people might say they have tons of photos on their phone, maybe an obedience school certificate, or perhaps a kitschy pair of socks with their face plastered on it. These are all great to have, but what they lack is a real story.

Many times the story of a pup is really a story of their humans. Since a dog often plays second fiddle to the human, the human is the one to create the story. Did you ever think about how you can create a story that is directly created for your pup?

Think of it this way – whenever you go on an adventure it’s usually not for the sake of your pup; they just happen to be along for the ride. But what if you want on an adventure expressly FOR your dog? That shifts the paradigm and sets the stage for your pup to create their own story.

When we set up an adventure photoshoot, one of the things we keep in mind is what your dog likes best. Whether they like running down trails, climbing on rocks, or swimming in lakes, we want to tailor the experience to what they like most. Since it’s *their* story we are telling, we want to make sure it perfectly encapsulates who they are. And since these moments are what will turn into forever memories, we want to make sure they reflect real moments and shared experiences.

Your pup deserves to be properly commemorated

Capturing those real moments and shared experiences are of the utmost importance, because those are the fond memories you will keep long after your pup crosses the rainbow bridge. Since your pup is family, would you want anything less?

I think something a lot of people miss during their time with their pup is how things will play out “afterward.” I have had the misfortune of losing two dogs to cancer. Being in my position, I was fortunate to capture memories of them over time and have some great portraits to hang up. For a comparison on a human level, when my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, I wanted to get a final family photo, but because things were so aggressive we never had the chance. I never want anybody to feel that regret. We are usually in a place where we can put things off for another day, but what if that day doesn’t come?

I also never want someone to regret not having a great portrait of their pup. When I say great portrait, I mean something they can proudly hang up on their wall and share with their friends and family. I also mean something that will always tell a great story about the things their pup loved and the story of how that portrait was made. I want to create something where when you look at it, you are flooded with emotions and positive feelings, and perhaps even a bit of heartbreak because it reminds you of why you loved your pup so much.

Don’t you think your pup deserves something like that? After all the time you have spent together, the pets and scratches, the cuddles, all the love shared, and all the adventures you went on – don’t you think your family member deserves that?

I certainly think so. And it’s something you have the power to make happen.

When you’re ready to help your pup live forever and tell great stories with their portraits, get in touch with Adventure Pup Photography so we can make it happen for you.

We offer free consultations to walk through the process and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ll discuss locations, timing, and most importantly, how we can properly commemorate your pup.

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