Why should you choose Adventure Pup Photography?

– July 9, 2019 –

Greetings, my adventurous friends! Summer has been especially busy for me – not just from snapping shots of fun puppers, but also time without a camera in my hands. I’ve been on quite a few adventures with my friends and family already, but there is still tons more to do. There will be some admittedly “lost” hours catching up with movies and tv shows in my future (I’m looking at you next, Stranger Things), but I will continually spend a lot of time trying to develop the Adventure Pup Photography brand and business. This being my first business venture, I’ve had to navigate a lot of different paths I hadn’t necessarily thought a lot about before diving in. Brand-building and storytelling are things I initially thought I had a good grasp on, but the more I get into it, the less I truly know.

Establishing a brand and business are pretty difficult to do, especially in a niche business such as dog photography. Taking photos and editing are actually the easiest parts of the job. It’s finding out how to share those experiences with others in a way that resonates with them that is the challenging part. I was fortunate to come across a guy by the name of Simon Sinek, who talks about the importance of establishing your “why” in addition to knowing your “what” and “how.” By that, he means “why do you do what you do?” This has started me down a path of really determining what sets me apart from other pet photographers, and I want to share those results with you.

Adventure Pup Photography initially started because I was really good at capturing the essence of a pup in a portrait. Living in Colorado, it’s easy to capture a pup being itself with gorgeous scenery in the background. Just about anybody can do that, right? But the real question is, why do I wake up to take pictures of dogs in gorgeous scenery? Why does Adventure Pup Photography exist? The answer is because I believe people deserve the best. I started out taking pictures of my own dogs because I wanted the best shots of them available knowing they wouldn’t be around forever. So why do I do it for others? Because they deserve it. I believe every fur parent deserves the best possible portrait of their pup because I understand the importance of it. I also believe every pup deserves to be memorialized with the best possible portrait because I understand the importance of it too (see: Juneau’s Rainbow Award). From that, I defined the purpose of Adventure Pup Photography: to provide pups and their parents the very best moments that become memories that will never fade.

The goal of Adventure Pup Photography isn’t to sell portraits to people to need them. The goal is to join forces with people that believe what I believe and have them become part of what we’re trying to accomplish. If you hire a photographer just because they can get the job done, then they’ll just work for the money. But if you hire a photographer because they believe what you believe, then they’ll work and put in their blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish the goal.

It was pretty liberating to really define what Adventure Pup Photography is all about. I always knew in my head that the goal was to take exceptional photos of dogs having fun in nature, and having some great shots to share with their parents, but really dialing in on why I did it makes the objective of AdPup all the more important. With that, I’ll be focusing a lot more on brand development and storytelling to make sure people understand that when you work with Adventure Pup Photography, it’s about more than just the photos. It’s about making the best moments that will become indelible memories.

So with that, ask yourself: do you and your pup deserve the best? Of course you do. You should then ask yourself: are you ready for your pup to become an Adventure Pup?

Until next time – happy adventures, friends!

-Chris, Adventure Pup Photography

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