Why fall is the best time to get your new favorite portrait of your pup

– September 7, 2020 –

Fall is one of the most loved seasons for a reason. Not only do we cool down from the high temperatures of the summer, but we can also now cozy up to our pups without getting too hot. Along with favorable temperature swings and welcomed snuggle time, Fall is also a great time to add to your preferred pup’s photo library. Here is why fall is the best time to get your new favorite portrait of your pup.

Cooler weather

This one is a gimme, so we’ll go through it quickly here first. Cooler weather makes hikes easier and doesn’t make you sweat as much. It’s also less labor-intensive for your pups, allowing them to stay cooler and hike and play for a longer period of time.

In addition to being a more pleasant temperature range, the cooler weather also has that crisp autumn air. Who doesn’t love that?

How do you find your new favorite portrait this way? Things are easy because you’re not too hot, and can more easily enjoy the moments and be present in your adventures. When you and your pup are at your best selves, the results really show in your portraits.

Cozy clothes

When it’s cooler, that means our attire changes with it. My favorite outdoor attire is a perfect-fitting zip-up jacket. I know a lot of you enjoy cozy hoodies and sweaters, which makes adventures all the more appealing. Not only are they cozy for you wearing them at that moment, but they also give a cozy vibe when you and your pup take photos.

How do you find your new favorite portrait this way? Wear your favorite cozy attire and capture some memories with your pup. You’ll always look back at those moments as happy, comfortable and carefree, giving you an even better feeling about your adventure portraits. Bonus points if you two have a matching bandana and sweatshirt!

Backdrops with rich colors

We already know September is when the aspen trees begin their transition from greens to yellows and oranges and reds, and we already know how gorgeous those color arrays are. We flock to the alpine regions to revel in their rich tones, along with other deciduous trees and bushes that add to the rich colors of our awesome Colorado scenery – especially in a setting with sweeping vistas of mountains and lakes. Since they’re so picturesque in person, it’s easy to take a portrait of that same beauty and make it a centerpiece in your home.

How do you find your new favorite portrait this way? Can you imagine how awesome it would be if you had that beautiful portrait also had your pup in it? Running through a row of yellow aspen trees, looking majestic in a grove of red and orange tones, or looking regal on a rock with a backdrop sea of multi-colored aspens, you’ll see it’s pretty easy to find your new favorite portrait of your pup.

Do you believe Fall is the best time to get your new favorite portrait of your pup?

Great cooler weather, cozy clothes, and backdrops with rich colors are three great examples to start with, but what else can you think of that makes you love Fall so much? Drinking a warm coffee on the way to a hike? Breaking out your new beanie? Supercharged zoomies from the pup?

No matter the reason, it all goes to show why Fall is such a great season.

Take advantage of the fall season and get your new favorite portrait of your pup from Adventure Pup Photography!

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