Our pups are an integral part of our families, and Adventure Pup Photography understands just how much they mean to you. Sometimes our pups get sick and are not able to get better, and it’s during those times that you really want to capture the memories of your pup before they cross the rainbow bridge.

It was in early 2018 that our own Adventure Pup was diagnosed with canine cancer. A tumor on Juneau’s thyroid was deemed inoperable and we opted for a treatment that would help her retain a good quality of life for her final days. Knowing that we didn’t have a lot of time left with her, we did everything we could to do the things she loved and made every attempt to capture her moments of bliss.

Because I know just how important it is to capture great shots of your pup before they’re gone, and because I know how life’s priorities change because of their terminal illness, I want to help out those parents that want to get those great shots but don’t necessarily have the means to do so.

As a result, Adventure Pup Photography is creating ‘Juneau’s Rainbow Award,’ which will be gifted once a quarter to a family with a terminally ill pup. Terminal illness can be anything that ranges from canine cancer to other life-threatening conditions. There are very few limitations to this award, as it’ll be treated as a standard ‘Epic Adventure’ – so we can go to any location in Colorado to take epic photos of your pup. The only limitations are based on agreed-upon locations and dates. Just keep in mind this is an outdoor photoshoot, as we don’t do photoshoots in any sort of indoor or studio space.

Awards for a given quarter will be announced one month before the respective quarter begins, with application deadlines being a week before then. Here are the corresponding dates for each quarter:

Q1 – Application Deadline: Nov 24, Announcement: Dec 1
Q2 – Application Deadline: Feb 22, Announcement: Mar 1
Q3 – Application Deadline: May 25, Announcement: Jun 1
Q4 – Application Deadline: Aug 25, Announcement: Sep 1

All applications will be reviewed, with the award recipient being determined by a panel of judges appointed by Adventure Pup Photography. We will respond to all applicants to advise if the award was granted or not. You may submit one application per quarter. If you are not selected as the award recipient for a given quarter, you are free to submit an application for the next quarter.

Please note that if your pup is not selected for a given quarter and their time will now allow for another quarter to pass, we do provide a discounted rate for terminally ill pups.

Please apply with the application below:

Dog Information

Parent Information

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out with our Contact Us form, or email us at woof@adventurepupphotography.com.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in a compassionate way to say goodbye at your own home, Caring Pathways is a great resource. This is the company we used when it finally came time to say goodbye to our beloved Juneau.

Caring Pathways provide in-home hospice and euthanasia services so you can say your goodbyes in the privacy of your own home. Just as important, they provide grief support services when it comes to preparing for your goodbye, as well as your time after your pup crosses the rainbow bridge.

Check out our Adventure Journal to see our past adventures, or read our about our particular insights on the ‘Tails’ of Adventure blog!

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