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Hi, I’m chris

Animal advocate, visual story-teller, and dog photographer extraordinaire!

To me, dogs are just about the best things in the world (they’re tied with my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies). I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like and don’t anticipate I ever will. 

I’ve always been infatuated with capturing moments in time, starting as a kid with disposable cameras. I fully got into photography as a landscape photographer, but it wasn’t until I added dogs to the mix that I felt my work was complete.

I was never satisfied with basic photos, though. They were too common and didn’t have much to say, and it would look like any person could have taken them. I was always driven to capture my own version – something unique and compelling.

And with that, Adventure Pup Photography was born. Combining my love for dogs and my drive for photographic excellence provides a great creative outlet for me as well as a perfect keepsake for you. I call that a win-win.

What my clients love most about working with me

I focus on personalities

…because that’s what you’ll connect with in your photos. I ask tons of questions about your pup to make sure I understand what they’re like and how to capture their essence, and when we first meet I’ll get a sense of what your dog is comfortable with in order to maximize our time together. Because their personality is what matters the most, that’s what also deserves the most attention.

I’m super patient

…which I feel is one of the most important qualifications for a dog photographer. Dogs are going to be dogs, and their wide range of personalities mean they’re all going to act and react differently. Going with the flow and simply anticipating the “good shot” is where I thrive. 

I communicate

…and make sure you always know what’s going on. A lot of my clients are first-timers for dog photography, so I always want to make sure questions are answered and that ‘unknowns’ are well-understood. Plus, I drown out the “noise” so you can focus on one thing – having a great time with your pup.

I accept challenges

…which means no matter what kind of limitations there are, I’ll make the most of it. Hyperactive pups, older dogs who don’t move as well, and even blind pups that aren’t comfortable in new surroundings – I plan meticulously to make the most of the experience so it’s less stress for you and easy for your pup.

I’m professional

…but also very laid back. I have worked in customer-facing industries my entire working life, so learning to communicate and keep things efficient will ultimately benefit you in the form of a stress-free and enjoyable session. You have expectations, and I’m going to exceed them.

I’m here for the dogs

…because dogs have always been there for me, and I know they’ve been there for you. You know all of those inspirational quotes about dogs? They’re well-deserved and were said for a reason. Because they’re amazing creatures that deserve more than anything we’re ever able to give them, I’m doing my part to help honor them.


Rolling stone

I haven’t always been an adventurous person, but it’s in my DNA. I come from a military family where frequent moving and new experiences were common. Once I was on my own I remained stationary for a while, but it just wasn’t for me. I then moved to adventure-fueled destinations like Oregon and Colorado to scratch that itch for adventure, and I’ve never regretted it.

news junkie

When I’m not adventuring, I’m stuffing my head with information. I’ve never been the smartest person in the room, but I have always been someone that knows a little bit about everything. Because of that, I am full of random trivia knowledge and can talk about just about anything.

I dig ‘systems’

I’m a very structured person. It wasn’t because of my military upbringing though! There is a certain way I fold clothes, load dishwashers, and make a PB&J sandwich. I always have the same routine when I wake up and get ready for the day as well as closing the day out. On the flip side, though, I am very adaptable and can make the most of any situation.

zero fucks

A perfect day for me would be to have zero plans. Because I *always* have something to do or make something to do, sometimes I have to force myself to do absolutely nothing. Being able to not “adult” for a day and just veg out on the couch or go for a hike on a whim is truly liberating for me.

feelIN’ the heat

I am most certainly a warm-weather person. I like to joke and attribute it to my half Filipino side. That said, I enjoy the dry heats – not the humid heat where you step outside and your shirt is immediately soaked with sweat. Give me 80+ degrees and a pair of shorts and tshirt, and I’m a happy camper.


Sports has always been a big part of my life. My first memories in life are about Chicago Cubs baseball, my many years of living in Kansas made me into a Kansas Jayhawk basketball fan, and I’ve played just about every sport growing up. My jam these days is running and softball. I’ve won exactly one 5k race, have run two marathons, and countless shorter-distance races. My dogs keep me active.


Even though I’ve had dogs throughout my life, it was two dogs that really captured my heart and launched my imagination.

Without these two, Adventure Pup Photography would never be a thing. 


Juneau was adopted back in Kansas in 2008 and made the move to Oregon with us back in 2010 (and here to Colorado in 2017). She was my very first ‘adventure pup’ and inspired me to always be moving. She was my running partner, hiking and camping buddy, and overall sassy gal that made me want to be a better person. Her battle with canine cancer in 2018 is what created my drive to capture the memories of pups, knowing full well that they don’t have the fortune of living long lives like we do. When she passed away in 2019, I was devastated. However, she still inspires me to stay resilient. She’ll always be my #1 muse.


Kylo was adopted back in Oregon in 2015 and made the move with us to Colorado in 2017. He is my first ever “heart dog,” and it was an instant connection from the very first time he was introduced to us as the dog rescue (he hates concrete floors, so when he was brought into our meeting room, he ran straight to me for comfort. We’ve been best friends ever since then). He was a rowdy street dog found on streets in northern California, so we introduced him to the outdoor lifestyle and we’ve never looked back. Although he’s definitely spoiled with home comforts (ie – not a big fan of camping; he loves his beds and couches at home), he’ll never hesitate to jump in the truck to go on a car ride in hopes it’s going to a trailhead. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for this boy.

My journey with these two dogs taught me about the power of a bond between a dog and its human. Because I know the extent of what I would do for my dogs, I want my photography to honor the bond between you and your pup, the many experiences you’ve shared, and the memories that will be with you long after they’re gone.

Now that you know about me…

…what about you?

You’ve fallen this far down the Adventure Pup rabbit hole, so you know a lot about me. What can I learn about you?

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